Structured is first of all an inspection service to assist the architect and developer with his required inspections of   building/construction projects. Our experience has shown that within the fast-track development arena, the architect /developer can seldom afford to commit his own or senior staffs time to inspections and snag lists. 

Structured is therefore committed, to provide a service covering all disciplines within the construction project, with experienced and well trained staff. We make use of custom made equipment to assist within the inspection process. We will compile a profile as per area / floor of all components to be inspected. This profile of the works will give the contractor interpretation and guidance on the building standards and state & stage of completion of the works. A proper documented list will alleviate any disagreement regarding the achievement of completion stages.

For the contractor the fast-track scenario creates unique challenges regarding target dates and sub-contractor control management. This results in restricted time available for prober inspections by the area site-agent / engineer. Experience has also indicated that better results are achieved when inspections are conducted by others not involved with the area development.

Structured can create and supply the contractor with a priority/critical path management tool, to monitor activities/subcontractors progress & quality control to comply with section 24-26 of the JBCC Contract . Inspections can be scheduled with sign-offs at various stages to prevent unnecessary back-tracking and repairs on work affecting later installations. We compile a control list with various options and filters. (E.g. by contractor; by target date; by priority; by completion stage.) A proper control & sign-off creates an environment of trust with-in the professional team that leads to a smoother & quicker achievement of the various completion stages

Structured can with efficiency save you valuable time and money.

We specialize in the execution and preparation of the following.

Weekly/monthly quality and progress reports.

Compiling a project profile and maintaining an active snag list, leading to a comprehensive control document for;

ü  Practical completion

ü  Works completion

ü  Final completion

ü  Building management

Structured can also assist/compile your Hand-over documentation to clients/users.

As each project has its own identity, as in composition and area, we would like the opportunity to present a cost for this service, and how we can assist to improve the quality of your project.

Structured can secondly assist you with your labour needs. Reality has shown that project requirements and structure is an ever changing scenario.  We can assist you through the various stages of staff requirements, whether you require permanent or temporary staff to meet project deadlines or new projects, or need to retrench staff due to reduced requirements.

Structured aims to maintain a databank of specialists, ranging from architects, interior designers, technologists and draughtsmen available or required for employment world-wide.

You are welcome to add your requirements to our databank.

We offer this service free of charge to our clients.

We can also supply you with fully equipped contract workers to reduce your responsibility towards basic conditions of employment.

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