For the contractor the fast-track scenario creates unique challenges regarding target dates and sub-contractor control management. This results in restricted time available for proper inspections by the area site-agent / engineer. Experience has also indicated that better results are achieved when inspections are conducted by others not involved with the area development.

Structured can create and supply the contractor with a priority/critical path management tool, to monitor activities/subcontractors progress & quality control to comply with section 24-26 of the JBCC Contract . Inspections can be scheduled with sign-offs at various stages to prevent unnecessary back-tracking and repairs on work affecting later installations. We compile a control list with various options and filters. (E.g. by contractor; by target date; by priority; by completion stage.) A proper control & sign-off creates an environment of trust with-in the professional team that leads to a smoother & quicker achievement of the various completion stages


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